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My Favorite Local Lenders

When you are looking to buy real estate, working with a great local lender can mean the difference between winning or losing a deal. Make sure you work with a lender who cares about you and can get creative to find you the best option for your situation!


Churchill Mortgage

My Friend Seth and his team at Churchill Mortgage are among the best! They specialize in clarity and communication understanding that each situation is unique and really tailor the experience to the customer. Churchill has some fantastic first-time homebuyer programs and Seth's team will not let you down!

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My City Home Loans

James Eerdmans and the team at My City Home Loans are absolutely outstanding! Their ability to think outside the box and get creative makes them one of the most well-rounded teams I've had the pleasure of working with! Working with My City, you get the communication and relationship of a small local lender who can be creative with options while still getting the pricing and loan options that are usually only provided by banks. Find yourself in a unique situation for buying? Call James and his team and let them know I sent you!

Steve Ritsema
Mercantile Bank

Steve Ritsema has been in the Mortgage business for 28 years and is a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Steve is connected with Mercantile Bank and can serve clients from every situation with the expansive program options he has available to him! You don't need to switch to Mercantile Bank just to get their loan options but I can assure you, Steve will handle all of your needs and make sure you feel fully connected throughout the whole process! Call Steve today to learn more!

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